Fields- Aerospace, Computer science and defence


CHAV (Convertible Hybrid and Autonomous vehicle)

June 2019 - September 2019

Description:  To design a vehicle will have the ability to convert from UGV to UAV and vice-versa, as well as have a hybrid fuel system to propel the vehicle. Having the autonomous ability to fly and moving on the ground as well.

Responsibilities:  Designing, Increasing efficiency, Programing. Modelling, Analysis.

Technologies used:  Raspberry pi/Arduino, Hydrogen cell, Motors, Ansys, Catia V5, Embedded C, Python etc.



A swarm of Drones that can attack and defend as well as transport the payload with BAE systems

January 2019 - March 2019


Description:  To design a swarm of drones that can autonomously transport the payload by defending as well as attacking the drones of the enemy.

Responsibilities:  Programming, Implementing the communication system.

Technologies used:  Raspberry pi, PixHawk, ROS, Python.



Electro-mechanical arm controlled using hand gestures via wireless Bluetooth tech.

January 2018


Description:  Device is developed to remotely operate the robotic arm and controlling peripheral devices.

Responsibilities:  Programming, system designing and other mechanical work.


Technologies used:  Arduino with embedded C, Bluetooth module, Servo motors, 3D printing etc.



IoT based remote system control.


March 2017


Description:  This application is developed for remotely operating systems and controlling peripheral devices.

Responsibilities:  Programming and system designing.


Technologies used:  Raspberry Pi and Arduino with embedded C.


Water rocket - (November 2016)

Wireless Robotic car - (January 2017)

Army camp security - (may 2017)

Smart wheelchair for handicaps - (September 2017)

Quad copter - (October 2017)

Solid fuel testing - (2017-2018)

Single pixel camera - (2018)