• Ankit Gupta

The Curse of the 21st century on Descendants

21st century, the most peaceful and ecstatic time in human history. No civil wars, no agitation and may be-may be just some social life clashes on Facebook and Instagram and nothing serious. Advanced transportation, reliable telecommunication as well as human’s reach towards space. However, at the same time in all these hotch-potch and the unnerve engagement in human endeavours, we are omitting the very dark side of this rapid growth, advancements and changes in nature.

          Our selfish needs and greediness of perfect life took us finally to such a point where we are no longer killing each other or fighting for thrones. Instead, we are now craving for the eminence lifestyle, becoming greedy to buy/use or sometimes to manufacture such products which majorly destroys this natural environment gifted to us by this very almighty universe. It was the duty of our ancestors to take care of this gift and pass it on to new generations in even better condition and the same is pertinent for us too, but now we are only and only going towards destruction and converting this planet of life into the planet of death and misery. Which is for-sure will be the evilest gift from us to our offspring.

We are reaching towards other planets and planning to become multi-planetary species but, we are still unable to understand that the Earth is home and this is the veracity which we can never abandon like a selfish child. Demolishing and dilapidating it slowly but utterly, beyond the limits of recovery. Today, a term called “Pollution” which was added in the dictionary only two centuries before, is very much in fashion everyone is talking about it and having debates in International meetings, but none of the participants is damn serious about the abominable concern. The true definition of pollution is "killing the most conscious life in the cosmos" in our case this is our own home ‘Earth’ which we are destroying beyond repairs. Countries are trying to blame each other and ministers are all looking forward to getting the profit out of it instead of making it worth. I do not need to exaggerate this point as everyone is already aware of it. But instead, I would like to press on, to coming forward, to take control of it and become the in-charge of our own duty towards nature. Gandhiji was not the only person who made India getting its Independence, while he had the support from all the countryman with him “One may not achieve the goals but together for-sure we can”. This is what we all have to do, we have to take our stand and win over the selfish part of the human side and have to become the noble ‘earthman’. And it will solely, made us win 90% of the fight against pollution.

The parasites live in total harmony with their host by the process of symbiosis. They help their host to survive by mutual exchange of resources and live their life at the fullest too. Nonetheless, we humans are such a selfish parasite on earth which are so greedy that for our own pleasure, we are simply ignoring the abuse and acidulous behaviour of this generation towards our host, our home planet Earth. And we are even bluffing for it too.

            The curse, it is written in all the religious books that human is such a thoughtless species, which is born with selfish deeds and affection. We are always choosing us over nature and now we are at the verge of these deeds that we are not even thinking about the welfare of our upcoming generations and their snug survival. They are going to suffer for our wrongdoing, for our acme of wickedness and pitiful choices. This is simply not acceptable and is completely aberrant to something which we call love for our children, we are going to gift/leave death, pain and misery in benefaction.

I am not convinced, why it is so abstruse to take our planet seriously, care for it and pamper it just like our native home. There are many ways to cease this continuous torture/abuse to our environment. The culprit is not global warming, we are the real culprits for this affliction whether we accept it or not. There is never too late to start, we just need to start together and be determined for the positive selfishness of saving our home, for the prosperity of our coming descendants. As well as, saving ourselves from getting the blame of torture and killing this beautiful nature by our own progeny and then their progeny and so on. Instead of pronto blaming the government and big companies, we need to blame ourselves and immediately start exterminating the use of any detrimental material or gadget which can cause pollution or can make severe damage to nature. Using only enough that is required and share with everyone adequately to fulfil general needs, instead of accumulating as a symbol of affluence and richness where one is not concerned about the waste and gives importance only to luxury.

            We need to abandon the practice of using the single-use plastic as a must, it is not recyclable as well as, all those other materials which are simply not recyclable too and can cause severe pollution. Obligate to start planting trees and saplings or small plants at home, avoiding personal transport and giving preference to public transport. These initiatives will not swiftly remove the pollution but, it will definitely provide some time to the environment, to have some rest and slowing down the deterioration. Now, as we all are aware of these issues so there is no point to discuss them in detail but, there is something crucial about which no one shares or talk about, a truth from which we are running away, the truth of real culprit ‘increasing population’ Yes, it is just us who are unable to control our growth, we are becoming cancer/tumour for this earth, which is overly growing in size beyond the limits, increasing at an exponential rate.

According to reports, the human population has been increased by 3 folds within a century. Just Imagine a family having 2 children only, their parents can raise them with luxury, but then within few years the family size increased from 4 to 8 and the earnings remained same, now the parents cannot afford the same opulence for every child in the very same amount of salary. This is exactly, what is happening with us, nature is short of resources to fulfil the needs and requirements of this increasing population as well as their deeds. Nature is just like our mom, Mom can take care of herself as well as her children too but, if the number of children will increase, she will try to feed all of them (in limited/available resources) whether she has to remain hungry and as a result, she will neither be able to feed or raise her children properly nor to look after herself. And then focusing on children’s career will definitely be frittering and lead them to nowhere instead, this will definitely lead them to a melancholy end for both mother and her children. 

In conclusion, or simply long story short, to save our environment Firstly, we have to curb on our ill activities and at the same time for an expedient future and the sake of upcoming descendants, we really need to pull a break on this rapidly increasing population. This is the only and most decisive way to save our ever-burgeoning existence and a better future.


            The major types of pollutions are Air, Water and Soil pollution. These three are also the parts of ‘Five elements of life’ (Air, Water, land, Fire and Ether). These five elements play a vital role in life on earth, as everything is made up of these five elements only and for sure Air, Water and Land are the major contributors of the life on earth.

            To save ourselves from the dark fate of extinction, we need to stop bluffing on what we have achieved and instead we need to focus on what we have already lost and what is yet on sake/verge of getting lost. After all, no parent likes to hear the word ‘culprit’ from their own descendants for their mistakes just because, they were busy in getting pleased for their provisional pleasure with the pacing world and destroyed everything for coming generations. Hilter was a culprit, is a culprit and will always remain culprit because of his actions against humanity. Soon we all will be named 'the Culprit' in the very same way if we are going to continue our torture on this innocent nature.

            Covid-19 already reflected/showed us a mirror to reveal our true reality – ‘evil parasites’ which are so-so selfish that they are erringly trying to exterminate their own existence and destroy their only home ‘Earth’. Trying to make this earth a chemical factory with lots of heat (global warming) and poisonous by-products. This epidemic is showing/proving us that there is still some hope left for self-healing but, there is only one condition which we have to follow ‘Resist, Reduce and Reuse’ strategy towards polluting abettors, as well as working on decreasing/controlling the burst of population. Otherwise, nature will take over the control from us and justify us that we are just the mere parasites and a part of many other species residing on earth and we should have to follow the laws of nature as well as respect it. Our mere consciousness/smartness for which we feel proud is nothing against the power of nature.

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